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Just a few thoughts about a time management methodology I have been using for about one month.

Basically it's a Pomodoro Technique®.


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I'm pleased to share a Kohana message queue module which manage alerts in Kohana framework.



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Not a long time ago I have upgraded my Ubuntu OS 12.04 to 12.10.

Since than Eclipse does not work because of having an issue with PHP development tool. An Uninstall/install way did not work for me. 

So, I chose a temporary solution which was the Sublime Text.



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The idea is to show you how to get data from Sphinxsearch through Kohana Database wrapper.

I prefer SphinxQL interface.

So, let's do the code.

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The task is follow:

1. A client requests Kohana for a JSON with param, example format=json

2. The application takes request and checks if JSON is expected by the client.

3. All the requests should be automated by the base controller.


If you are new to Kohana and this post seems to be hard, check out this book.

Kohana book

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